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Year 5/6 Stargazer Class

Welcome to Stargazer Class! 

Meet the team:

Mr Prosser (Class Teacher) 

Mrs Beasley (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Townsend/ Mrs Joynes (1:1 support)

Our Learning

During this term (Summer 1), Year 5 will be covering lots of different areas of the curriculum.  Our topic and learning will all be based around our new topic "The World in Our Home!"

In geography, we will continue to deepen our understanding of using grid references and longitude and latitude. We will also be investigating a range of natural resources found around the world, linking them to trade routes.

In history, we will explore changes in transport over time. We will investigate this through the impact it had on trade links around the world.

Our science focus is 'Electricity'. We will be revising simple circuits and symbols, before making parallel circuits with switches and motors.

In design and technology, we will investigate pulleys, levers and gears, before using this knowledge alongside our science learning to design and make a moving cardboard car.


In maths this term we continue with multiplication and division, before moving on to Fractions, decimals and percentages. One day a week, the lesson focus will be on reasoning questions and mental arithmetic (10 in 10s).


In English, we will be recapping and practising previous skills, such as: ISPACE sentence starters, subordinating conjunctions and relative embedded clauses.  We will explore these skills through a range of different text types, including persuasive letters and instructions. 

Year 6 Boosting

  • Working towards the year 6 SATS tests in May, we are now boosting Maths, Reading and SPAG. Each year 6 child has been provided with a set of books, that will support them throughout the boosting process.
  • Children need to bring their packs to school every day.
  • Homework will be set every Monday and Tuesday and the expectation will be that it is completed by the following Monday. 

Important Class Information:

Year 5 PE days-Monday and Wednesday (PE will be in the afternoons, so children can come into school in PE kit)

Year 6 PE days-Tuesday and Friday (PE will be in the afternoons, so children can come into school in PE kit)

Reading Books: reading books will be changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Homework: A new homework grid for term 4 is attached at the bottom. Homework is due on Monday 8th April, after the Easter break. Comprehension texts will continue to be set for the children to complete regularly on Rockerbox at home.

Reading: Please continue to listen to your child read daily, even for 10 minutes, and complete the reading task in the reading journal. Books should be changed regularly.

Maths Passport: Regular practise of Maths Passport targets helps pupils to retain knowledge and helps them to utilise these facts in other mathematical learning. 

Times Tables: It is important all pupils are learning (and continue to practice) the timetables up to the 12 times table. These should be known by the end of year 4 but it is essential that the children continue to practice and recall these facts. 

Useful websites for times table practise:

Thank you for your continued support. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Key Dates:

15/4/24 - Yr5/6 Football match away to The Rissington School

15/4/24 - Yr5/6 Dodgeball event (Cirencester)

16/4/24 - Dance Festival

22/4/24 - Mock SATS week (Mon to Thurs)

25/4/24 - Yr5/6 Football match home to Blockley School

6/5/24 - Bank Holiday

13/5/24 - SATS Week (Mon to Thurs)

17/5/24 - KS2 Athletics

17?5/24 - FOBS Disco

20/5/24 - Bikeability (Mon to Weds)

20/5/24 - Yr5/6 Football match home to Blockley School

24/5/24 - End of term