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Term 2 November 10th 2023

Co Heads - Heads Up

School Strategic News - School Development

The Governors and Staff continue to work on our school development targets for the year. These are:

  • Develop or Maths practice in Key Stage 1
  • To increase the speed (fluency) and accuracy of reading across Key Stage 2
  • To develop a robust procedure in assessing the foundation subjects (our OFSTED target)
  • To widen support and interventions for pupils with SEMH
  • To improve communications (including becoming less reliant on technology)

We are also in Year 3 of our post Covid actions which include:

  • Refocus on our teaching method
  • Reviewing our energy efficiency
  • Maintaining a healthy level of reserves
  • Succession planning at Senior Management Level

How can you help? We are looking for people to help us with communications this term, so please volunteer to join a working party.

Staff News

Mrs Penny has completed her family move to Bournemouth. Big thank you to Mrs Ziebeck who organised our languages day just before half term. I hope your children enjoyed the day.

In the News

School attendance continues to be a focus nationally and a major area of reform for the Department For Education. Inevitably the solutions suggested centrally often create areas of conflict for schools and the parents. However, research shows the importance of schools, not only academically but also socially. It is imperative that school attendance is above 90% (10% absent) over the year. That equates to approximately 19 days off a year and so between 3 and 4 days a term. Holidays cannot be authorised by us as this leads to at least 5 days off in a term. A holiday plus an illness makes it very hard to maintain the 90% attendance rate. We await further guidance from the DFE but in the meantime please continue to work with us.

School Results 2023

The League Tables will shortly be published and we are very proud with the outcomes achieved. In digging into the outcomes that you will not see in the tables, we find:

  • Writing Progress – Top 12% of schools nationally
  • Writing Attainment – Top 8% of schools nationally
  • Combined Reading , Writing and Maths – Top 15% of schools nationally
  • Maths Attainment – Top 20% of schools nationally
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Attainment – Top 10% of schools nationally

Our aim is to be in the top 20% every year by the end of Key Stage 2.

School Information

The teachers will be updating their class pages over the next week or so, on the school website. If you have any questions please get in contact with them via the admin@ email, which will be forwarded onto them. We try to respond within 48 hours.  Note: The first parent:teacher conference will be held in the week beginning 20th November and appointments will be made using the PING system. This is open now.


The next swap of houses, sharing lunch together will take place next week. The children are getting very use to the system and the impact has been positive in terms of behaviour and efficiency. Mrs Gainford will be looking at further developing a ‘House’ system through wider curriculum events in the new year.

Crazy Hair Day

Thank you for supporting this charity day. ‘Maggies’ centre is a charity close to our hearts at school. I thought the effort was spectacular.

On a similar note we should llike to congratulate Willow on raising £900 by having her hair cut in aid of  ‘The Little Princess Trust’.



Co-Headteachers' Newsletter - Heads Up 1



Bourton Roadrunners charity presentation 

At a presentation on 12 September, members of Bourton Roadrunners were joined by representatives from 6 separate charities who received contributions from the club’s fundraising over the past year. 

This year, Bourton Roadrunners events raised a total of £7,185.14. In a change from previous years, members decided to support a range of different charities, including some smaller, Cotswold-based causes. 

Funds were dispersed to: 

  • Maggie’s – home of cancer care (for its centre in Cheltenham) 
  • Acorns Children’s Hospice (which supports families in Gloucestershire) 
  • Bourton on the Water Primary Academy breakfast club 
  • Bourton’s Baden Powell Hall 
  • Cotswold Friends 
  • Mindsong, a Gloucestershire based charity reaching people with dementia through music and song 

Bourton Roadrunner’s chair, Chris Dry said: “We’re very proud of long our tradition of charity giving and extremely pleased that we’ve managed to raise more than £7k for the second year running.” 

You can find out more about the club on the Bourton Roadrunners website