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Year 4 Supernova Class

Welcome to Supernova Class! 

Meet the team: 

Mr Z Lovell (Class Teacher)

Mrs Browning (Teaching Assistant)

Here you will find our newsletters, photos and any important information about our class. Please pop back here to see what we have been doing during the term and to find out what is coming up.

Important class information

PE Days: Wednesdays  and Thursdays. Children need to come to school wearing their PE kit.

Reading Books: reading books will be changed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The school expectation is for children to change their books within a 2-week period. 

Lunchtimes: Children will be eating lunch in their houses (Apollo, Endeavour, Galileo and Phoenix), and houses will be rotated regularly. This provides children with the opportunity to mix with other year groups and to make new friends. Feedback from the children to date has been very positive.

Homework: A homework grid for the term is attached at the bottom. Homework is due in on the Monday 8th April. Children can pick their five favourite pieces to complete, and we look forward to sharing them in class.


Key Dates 

Key Dates 

11th April: Prostrike Sponsored Event

16th April: Internet Safety for parents

16th April: Dance Festival

18th April: Year 4 Primary Languages Day at the Cotswold School

29th April: 1st May: Year 4 residential

17th May: KS2 athletics

17th May: FOBS disco

23rd May: Year 3 & 4 Quad Kids

24th May: End of Term- Pyjama day 


This term our topic is 'Intriguing Inventors'. We will be studying the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. In history, we will discover the time period Da Vinci lived and more about his inspiring inventions. We will be comparing his work with that of modern inventors and how their work has changed life today. Children will become inventors themselves in Design and Technology, using skills to create their own working models. Da Vinci was an accomplished artist, so children will look at his work and then create their own compositions using 3D effects. In PSHCE, children will be gaining an understanding of take care of their mental health.


In English, we will be looking at famous people and writing biographies. 


Children will be continue to look at different types of measure, reading scales and then learn to tell the time in analogue and digital formats.

Reading: Please continue to read daily, even for 10 minutes, and complete the reading task in the reading journal. Books should be changed regularly.

Maths Passport: Regular practise of Maths Passport targets helps pupils to retain knowledge and helps them to utilise these facts in other mathematical learning. 

Times Tables: It is important for all pupils to be learning timetables up to the 12 times table and know these by the end of year 4. 

Useful websites for times table practise:

Thank you for your continued support. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


We are looking forward to the exciting learning that will take place! 

Homework Grid: A copy of the new homework grid can be found below. We would love your child to pick their favourite five activities to complete and are looking forward to sharing them in class. Please submit all homework on Monday 3rd June. 

Thank you for your continued support it makes such a huge difference to your child's learning. Please don't hesitate to us if you have any queries.