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Year 3/4 Meteorite Class

Welcome to Meteorite Class! 

Meet the team: 

Mrs K Gittins (Class Teacher)

Mrs Rowlands (Teaching Assistant)

Here you will find our newsletters, photos and any important information about our class. Please pop back here to see what we have been doing during the term and to find out what is coming up.

Important Class Information

PE Days: Mondays and Wednesdays. Children need to come to school wearing their PE kit.

Reading Books: reading books will be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Homework: As the children need to present as part of their speaking and listening expectations, the homework this term will be to present to the class about a topic related to Ancient Greece. This could be about a particular person such as Sokratis or a place such as Athens. The choice is theirs! They can do this with notes, Powerpoints, whatever they would prefer to help them. We will be listening to everyone present in the last week of term. 


7th June: Athletics event at Cotswold School.

14th June, 7pm: 'Horse Racing' evening. 

16th June: Dance Festival.

4th July: School sports day.

12th July: School reports.

13th July: School summer fete.

15th July: Moving up day.

19th July-Last day of term 2:00 finish


The topic for our final term of this school year is 'The Olympics'. We will be learning about the history of the biggest sporting event on the ancient Greek calendar, and how it compares with the Olympics we will all be enjoying over 2,700 years later.  Geography lessons will enable children to locate some of the nations competing in the Olympics and to identify capital cities using an atlas.  They will also use their knowledge of human and physical geography to label significant features across the world.  Science will focus on giving children an understanding of nutrition, the different types of nutrition and where it comes from.  They will also be examining the functions of the skeleton and muscles in the human body.  Art this term will be taking a look at abstract and concrete forms, with children learning how to draw shapes in 2D and 3D as well as sculpting using clay.  PSHE will support children as they discuss and understand the differences between men and women, and look at the role of antibiotics and good hygiene in the prevention of infectious diseases.


In English, children will be making good use of imperative (bossy) verbs to write instructions. We will then be using dialogue between characters to create a myth.


Children will be revisiting previous learning, including shape and angles, four operations and fractions as well as linking these to problem-solving.

Reading: Please continue to listen to your child read daily, even for 10 minutes, and complete the reading task in the reading journal. Books should be changed regularly. Books are changed on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Maths Passport: Regular practise of Maths Passport targets helps pupils to retain knowledge and helps them to utilise these facts in other mathematical learning. 

Homework Grid:  A homework grid will be added to this page in the first week of term.

Times Tables: It is important all pupils are learning the timetables up to the 12 times table and know these by the end of year 4. 

Useful websites for timestable practise:

Thank you for your continued support. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.