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Year 2: Milky Way Class

Class teacher- Miss Holliss

Class teaching assistant- Mrs Adams

Welcome to Milky Way's class page. Here we will keep you updated on what is happening both in school and within our class. However, if you have any questions about anything, please feel free to catch up with us at the beginning or end of the school day.

Book changing and Maths Passport

Pupils will have the opportunity to change their books twice a week, on a Monday and a Thursday. We encourage pupils to read each night and to read the Phonics Read Write Inc books 3 times before they change them to consolidate their knowledge of sounds and build fluency and expression. Your continued support at home with reading and Maths passport practise will help your child progress further and develop more confidence with reading and number knowledge. If you would like an update on your child’s maths passport target, please send in your home copy to be updated.


On PE days, if your child has their ears pierced, can they remove them if possible or bring tape to cover them for safety reasons. If children are taking their PE kits home to wash on Fridays, please can you make sure they are back in school on Mondays. Our PE sessions are on Monday and Tuesday.

Additional Information 

Children are able to access and drink water throughout the day. Despite the weather getting colder, it is still important that children bring in a refillable water bottle daily. With the weather becoming colder and wetter, please can you make sure children come to school in a school cardigan or jumper and a coat that is clearly labelled with your child's name so that they can be returned easily if they are misplaced.

If your child has an inhaler, please could you make sure that it is clearly named and in date.  Their inhaler needs to be in school so that it can be accessed at all times.  If your child requires any other medication, please could you make us AND the office staff aware. For any medication, a medical form is required to be filled in. You can get this from the school office.

Term 5


This term our topic is called Bourton to Brazil. It is mainly Geography and Science focus, but we are also going to be doing some Art and ICT as well. In Geography, we are looking at the physical and human features of Bourton and comparing it to a non-European country, we have chosen Brazil. In Science, we are looking at animals, their life cycles and their habitats. Our focus in Art is sketching and different sketching techniques. In ICT we are going to be programming a BeeBot and learning how to send and receive emails.

We are hoping to arrange a trip for this half term. We shall keep you updated with details and payments as soon as we have confirmation.


Learning to read is a life-long skill and a key thing your child will learn at our school. Everything else depends upon this skill, and so, at Bourton we put as much energy into ensuring that every single child not only learns to read but learns to love reading!

Phonics is the key to unlocking reading and writing, and it is why we have chosen to use the Read Write Inc (RWI) phonics and writing scheme at our school. Children have daily RWI lessons, which includes an English lesson (made up of reading and writing) and a Phonics session (made up of sounds, words and spelling). Children are assessed termly to identify their progress. Learning to read is a life-long skill and the most important thing your child will learn; we encourage you to embrace your child's journey with phonics, and have included Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds below:

   Phonics - Swanmore CE Primary School  Phonics - Swanmore CE Primary School     Phonics - Swanmore CE Primary School

Those who have completed the RWI scheme and have moved to the literacy group will be using high quality texts to support both their reading and writing. 

As always, there will be regular reading and handwriting practise throughout the term.


We are looking at 3 different units this half term; time, multiplication and division including doubling and halving and the properties of shape.

Important dates:

Monday 8th April – School starts again

Thursday 11th April – Pro-strike sponsorship event

Monday 6th May – May Day Bank Holiday (School closed)

Friday 17th May – FOBS Disco

Friday 24th May – Break up for half term at 3.15pm