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Breakfast Club

Primary school breakfast clubs are a fantastic way to start the day for young children. They provide a safe and supervised space for kids to eat a healthy breakfast, socialise with their friends, and get ready for the school day ahead.

Here are some of the benefits of our primary school breakfast club:

  • Improved concentration and learning: Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast are better able to concentrate and learn in school. A nutritious breakfast provides the energy and nutrients that kids need to focus and be productive throughout the morning.
  • Reduced hunger and fidgeting: When children are hungry, they can become irritable and easily distracted. A breakfast club helps to ensure that kids arrive at school with full stomachs, which can lead to improved behaviour and focus.
  • Socialisation and friendships: Breakfast clubs provide a great opportunity for children to socialise with their classmates and make new friends. This can be especially beneficial for shy children or those who are new to the school.
  • Reduced stress for parents: Busy parents often struggle to find the time to prepare and eat breakfast with their children in the morning. A breakfast club can take the stress out of mornings by providing a safe and reliable place for kids to have breakfast.
  • Our DROP IN BREAKFAST CLUB is a great way to make a positive impact on the lives of children and help them have a successful school year.
  • Cost £3 per session per child
  • Open from 8 am to 8.45am