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Year 3/4 Meteorite Class

Teacher: Mrs Gittins

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Rowlands

Welcome to Meteorite Class page. 

Here you will find our class newsletters, photos, homework grid, dates and important information to keep you updated.


Our topic this term is Water Power! The focus will be geography based, but we will incorporate art, music and DT in our learning. During this topic we will be discovering how important water is; where our water comes from through the water cycle and how the water cycle can impact us. Using maps, we will locate some of the major rivers in the UK and then focus on the River Windrush. We will gain an understanding of the journey of a river from the source to the mouth and key vocabulary relating to rivers. We will put this information to use with a visit to Greystones Nature Reserve where children will carry out a river study. Children will learn how power is generated in the UK.


Maths focus this term is shape and angles. Children will learn:

To use a ruler to draw a straight line

To know what an angle is and that they are measured in degrees °

To measure and draw a line in cm Know that 90° is a right angle
To measure and draw a line in cm and mm Identify if an angle is equal to, greater or less than a right angle.
To identify, name and draw a horizontal line Identify acute and obtuse angles
To identify, name and draw a vertical line Recognise that two right angles make a half turn, 3 make a 3/4 turn and 4 make a full turn
To identify, name and draw a diagonal line Know that 1/2 turn is 180° and a full turn is 360°
To identify, name and draw a pair of parallel lines  

To identify & name a pair of perpendicular lines


Through our topic work on rivers we will incorporate statistical work.

We will then visit the four operations for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 


In English, children will create their own water creature and then write a character description about it. Children will use prepositional openers and similes as well as adjectives to help describe their creature.

Through poetry, children will explore vocabulary to describe a river.


Meteorite PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Please make sure your child has appropriate kit on these days. PE kit consists of a school t-shirt, black shorts and trainers or plimsols. Black jogging bottoms are optional with a school jumper is to be worn if cold. Long hair must be tied up, and any stud earrings removed or taped up for PE.


Homework is due in on 21st April.

The time and effort children have put into their homework has been fantastic, and we hope children have enjoyed further discovery of our topic work.

Reading: Please continue to read daily, even for 10 minutes, and complete the reading task in the reading journal. Books should be changed regularly.

Maths Passport: Regular practise of Maths Passport targets helps pupils to retain knowledge and helps them to utilise these facts in other mathematical learning. 

Times Tables: Year 4s will have the times table test on ALL tables in June. It is important all pupils are learning the times tables up to the 12 times table. 

Useful websites for times table practise:

Thank you for your continued support. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.